Harrison Gray Otis, “The General”

Ruby and Clarence had known their share of newspaper publishers, but no one quite like Harrison Otis, owner of The Los Angeles Times, the most influential newspaper in the city. Harrison Gray Otis was a leader among men. A survivor of two wars, the American Civil War and the Spanish-American War; he fought in 15 […]

Bombs & Bullshit

The bombing of the Los Angeles Times building shattered glass, bricks and many lives, and captured the nation’s attention. About an hour into the new day of October 1, 1910, as the newspaper was being “put to bed,” a deafening blast reverberated throughout a large sector of the sleeping city near the Times’ building located […]

Clarence & Ruby

If it’s true that in every relationship there is a lover and a beloved, then there’s no mystery who was which in the Darrow marriage. Though Ruby had been making her own way in the world for twelve years as a news reporter, when she married Clarence she decided to end her career. Ruby was […]

Invoking My Youth

At the age of five I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. Seated between my father and grandfather, I was chattering away when my grandfather said, “Puggy, you talk so much you should be a lawyer.” When I asked what lawyers did, Grandpop Johnson replied, “A lawyer is someone who helps people when they’re […]

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